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Our NEW workshop series for teenagers and young adults sharing the same skills and knowledge that enabled me to take control of my own negative thoughts and feelings including anxiety and depression.



Rotundus began following a 30+ year journey of poor personal mental well-being, mental ill-health and finally stepping out of the darkness to change.


This change highlighted a deepening lack of resources for those struggling and especially men. Our work supports those looking for support for their own and those they support mental well-being.



Rotundus has been set up to support those in need of help with their mental ill-health across South Wales, with plans to expand. As Rotundus, we deliver a variety of workshops and coaching sessions for individuals, companies and organisations. These sessions are paid for sessions which then allow us to support others in need within the community.


Rotundus started out from a personal need for our founder who was dealing with his own mental ill-health. Dave recognised that there wasn't the best of support which was specifically aimed at men.


Stereotypically men are terrible at expressing their feelings and thoughts due to many reasons. Rotundus started as just two friends talking online - this then grew quickly to a Facebook group of 100+ men.


From this group, the first seeds of Rotundus were sown and has grown to where it is today - providing workshops, peer support, 1-2-1 coaching and information not only for men but everyone.


Our community element will focus solely though on supporting men to be with those who understand what they are going through and to support them. Every week 84 men under the age of 50 take their own lives through suicide - our aim is to ultimately bring this number to 0.

We are making a difference...


Following the successful start we have had we have been able to start our community work already to support specifically men.


Men Up has now started two peer support groups within South Wales with four others on the cards to start in the very near future.


These peer support groups are not your usual therapeutic groups with set agendas, directions or forced engagement - each group will evolve and develop to suit the needs of each.


The plan is to develop 12 groups across South Wales, the 12 represents the number of men who commit suicide each week.