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Breakthrough and NLP Therapeutic Coaching is part of our commercial work through DB Breakthrough NLP. Dave personally provides 1:1 sessions with those who are looking to make lasting changes without endless sessions using NLP.

Dave is a qualified and experienced Master Practitioner, Coach, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis.

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A breakthrough session is a very effective and extremely quick way to resolve the personal challenges in your life.


The breakthrough package takes place over two days around 6-8 hours each day as part of a 6-month package. The package is designed to give follow up sessions and ongoing contact with me when needed keeping your action plan on course for success.


The breakthrough therapy has some preparation and tasks to complete before the first session to assure you are totally committed. Unlike many other therapies and treatments, breakthroughs discard all of the negative and self-sabotaging internal talk so you can make the changes you deserve.



If this sounds just like what you need and appeals to you, get in touch and find out more. I can then see what challenges you are facing and then listen to where you would like to be in all aspects of your life. We can easily start this process going by booking a FREE 15-minute consultation call.


During the call, we can discuss details and payment plans.



  • 30-year journey understanding my own mental ill-health, support, coaching and NLP Practitioner

  • 100% commitment to your journey and get you what you want

  • Initial meeting and consultation

  • Unlimited access to myself via email and phone from the time of booking for 6 months

  • 12 to 16-hours intensive coaching and Time Line Therapy over two days

  • 1 hour follow up session 4 weeks after the Breakthrough days

  • 30-minute monthly follow up sessions

  • 100% support and commitment from myself to get you where you want as long as you take action, follow the process and keep in touch.

  • PLUS DB Breakthrough 90 Day Breakthrough Planner 




I have put together a brilliant book that sets out your next 90 Days for keeping you on track to achieving your goals.


The book is split into setting your top goals, your whys, your targets all with a daily and monthly tracker and planner.

You will receive one of these as part of your Breakthrough, however, if you are interested in getting a copy now or additional ones you can do via Amazon.