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NEW 2020

Sharing the skills, knowledge and strategies I wish that was taught to me when I was in school.

Why wait for years to discover how you can change your negative thoughts and feelings. These skills are easy to learn and you can take control back very quickly with them, by learning as a family you can support each other.



As adults, we are often seen as the font of knowledge for our children, yet sometimes we do not have all the answers ourselves. Therefore learning the skills together will enable you to be a support for each other and a reminder of the skills when times gets a little difficult.

Through our interactive and practical workshop designed specifically for young people and their family members, you will learn these skills in just three hours that you can use for life. Gaining an understanding of how your unconscious mind works and how you use it positively.


Honest, open and real with practical strategies that you can use straightaway...

The workshop has been designed for children (10+), teens and parents to learn together enabling continual support by both.

During the session, we will share exactly how the mind, body and feelings are linked. Being able to change the feelings by boosting them or turning them down, is a brilliant skill to have now and throughout life.

Alongside this skill, we will share a variety of other strategies and techniques that are easy to use, without being openly obvious to those around you.

We will cover the following elements during the workshop:

  • Unconscious mind, body and feelings

  • Emotion/feelings triangle

  • Practical skills

    • Changing the picture

    • Starve the monster

    • Anchoring positive feelings

    • plus any more we can get in during the time



The next step of this project will see us working directly with teens and young people to run these sessions with us.  


Engagement and understanding are key for sharing skills, by teens and young people involved it can enable breakthroughs on a different level that from those just sharing information.

With full train and support, those that work with us will gain a wider series of skills, knowledge and experiences.

If during or after a workshop this is something that could be of interest simply let us know.


No upcoming events at the moment