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Wearing a mask is just so exhausting...imagine a place where you can take it off because you are surrounded by others who fully understand what it is like to wear that mask.

MEN UP is a peer support group that is there for men to help other men up with support and understanding from a place of personal knowledge.


Let us start with what it is not...a traditional 'group therapy', diagnosis or clinical treatment session, sitting in a circle and each sharing their journey or an exclusive club with mandatory attendance.

What it is relaxed, informal, supportive, understanding, real-life experiences, socialising, events, educational, informative and evolving based upon what each group wants or needs.


We would love to see more MEN UP groups starting up in a variety of areas, different days and times. So how can you help...easy one firstly spread the word that we are here, plus if you want to set up a group in your area we can assist you to do so together. The more groups that get started the greater the set of resources there will be for men experiencing mental ill-health and poor mental well-being. The help we can offer is through training, resources and support to get them off the ground. If you can help simply hit the Let's have a chat! button and we can start a conversation or email hello@rotundus.co.uk


We want to remove as many barriers as possible to these groups - therefore there is no referral system or cost for attending.

You just need to come and walk through the door to a warm welcome, a friendly smile and to a cuppa...there is enough blocking progress so we have removed as many as we can.


Lockdown and social distancing have meant we can not meet face to face...no need to worry!

Every fortnight we are hosting a LiveChat Zoom Call for anyone wanting to join in. The sessions will be 8pm GMT on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.

We will share the link to the Zoom Call via our Men Up Facebook page.

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Rotundus is no longer a CIC and is now solely run by Breakthrough Coaching

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