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This is one of the questions I get asked a lot...why Rotundus?


Rotundus comes from a 30 plus year story, which started when I was a young boy and developing a limiting self-belief of no one liking me.


Over the years this belief has been validated and broken by my internal self-talk and the way my unconscious mind recorded them.


These limiting beliefs have caused me to believe a certain way of creating states of depression and suicidal thoughts. Having large periods of doing depression was exhausting and destructive, resulting in medication and talking therapies.


These directions at the time worked extremely well for me, however, there are so many out there who are struggling to get access to support.


On my journey, a friend of mine took his own life following years of depression. My friend was someone who had an amazing mask and hid it too well - taking his life in December 2017 was a big wake up call.


The decision to start openly sharing my story enabled me to take ownership and direction. This decision alone to share helped others to self recognise and acknowledge their own story.


This led to the setting up of a small group for those looking for support, understanding and help with their own journeys. This became the inspiration to create Rotundus and public-facing version providing support and understanding.


So why Rotundus...previous companies I have run have had latin based names and this is no different. Rotundus mean round in Latin and the basis of getting people around and supporting others is the aim.


The core aim of Rotunuds is to support men who specifically can find it difficult to manage and share their experiences with mental ill-health. To do this we provide workshops for individuals, organisations and businesses and the profits from these are then directly used to support men to get the support they need including our Men Up peer support group.


This is just a snapshot of Rotundus and it's beginnings.

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Rotundus is no longer a CIC and is now solely run by Breakthrough Coaching

info@rotundus.co.uk0843 816 7885