19 Powerful Mood Boosting Gratitude Journal Prompts

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

What are you grateful for today?

Do you know how to start answering that? Could you identify the parts of your life to be grateful for? Using these prompts can help you answer what you are truly grateful for having in your life.

Acknowledging 3-10 things a day can massively boost your mood - below are 19 prompts that can help you start thinking and answering.

1. What’s one thing someone helped you with this week?

2. What element of nature did you enjoy this week?

3. What’s something beautiful you had the chance to witness lately?

4. What IS working in your life?

5. What habit (or habits) are you grateful for keeping up with?

6. Think of one person who has enriched your life this year in some way. What are 3 positive contributions they’ve made to your life?

7. What are 5 positive memories from this past year?

8. What’s different today compared to one year ago that you’re grateful for?

9. What positive changes are you grateful for having made in your life?

10. What struggle are you thankful for having made it through (even if you’re not thankful for the struggle itself)?

11. What’s one kind gesture you enjoyed being a part of (either as the giver, the receiver, or the witness)?

12. What invention are you truly grateful for having access to?

13. What are you thankful for not having?

14. Imagine losing all of your five senses. Now, imagine regaining them, one at a time. Your sense of touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight all come back one by one. Imagine how it feels to have each of these senses back after not having them.

15. What are 3 good decisions you’ve made this year?

16. Think of a grateful moment you shared with someone this month.

17. Who would you like to say “thank you” to? What would you thank them for?

18. What is something you love doing for/giving to others?

19. “Today, I can show my gratitude by…”

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I hope this list will help you recognise what positives you have in your life more so than negatives.

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