2019...what do you want?

If you had a magic wand, what you pick to make happen this year for you?

Many people make new year resolutions, but only 8% of those that do actually achieve them...have you ever seen something you set out to do all the way through?

Last year I personally decided to change my health with healthier eating and to not drink alcohol. Throughout the year I was constantly asked what my secret was to the weight reduction and not drinking was really a simple one. I wanted it more than I didn't...

So as 2019 starts what do you want more than you don't? When I said this to so many people last year I didn't realise at the time I was creating a towards goal and that is why I achieved them. So when you think about your want more than don't, make sure you really say what you want rather than don't.

This is a towards goal rather than away from something you don't...

Visualisation and your brain

Are brains are pretty simple machines and can not tell the difference between a visualisation of what you want, what you remember and what we believe. So if you can spend just 30 seconds a day visualising yourself with what you want and noticing the feelings you would have when you have achieved it, your brain will start to filter more positively and you will recognise more positive opportunities to success.


  • You when you have achieved your goal...

  • You being positive...

  • You being confident...

  • You getting better everyday...

  • You feeling all the feelings of each success...

  • You making 2019 your best yet...

Do you want assistance to do this and make it happen? If so, then get in contact with us and we can assist you in achieving your goals, beating stress, anxiety and depression fast.

Rotundus website: DB Breakthrough website:

Leave a comment below sharing what you are looking to make happen this year.

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