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Why do some people make is so difficult when sharing knowledge and support?

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I have delivered health and social care training for many years with the ethos of make it simple, easy to follow and understand. There are 1000's of trainers out there that kill their audience with dull and monotoned death-by-PowerPoint.

Tell me, and I will forget. Teach me, and I will remember. Involve me, and I will learn. - Benjamin Franklin

There are as many different training packages out there that have masses of resources that trainers use - some of the trainers also have never personally experienced any mental ill-health problems.

All of these in combination is making for an environment that is suitable for actually helping those most in need.

Rotundus has recently joined in partnership with Choices Education who have produced fantastic training resources that have been developed by those who have personally experienced and suffered a mental health illness..

This means they actually know what it feels like to be in the shoes of those in need of help - with this valuable knowledge their materials are fully engaging involving everyone on their own levels and as groups.

The material and design have also been academically reviewed by Glamorgan University who stated that the methodology was the most effective way of sharing knowledge and making accessible.

Understanding Anxiety & The Unconscious Mind Workshop South Wales

Unlike other training resources that are out there, it not only gives you knowledge about specific conditions it provides quick, simple and easy to use control techniques that make a significant impact for the individuals and those around them.

It isn't just about sign-posting back to a GP or other service it offers real help without the potential extensive waiting and referral times through NHS. Anecdotally we have heard that one person had to wait 18 months due to a waiting list. They took the option to pay for their own treatment - this option isn't sadly available for everyone.

Anxiety and Depression Support South Wales
Based upon information taken from NHS Guide to Mental Health Services

Treatments can be lengthy, expensive and in some cases more of a cause than a help. Using Choices materials and support organisations like Crown Prosecution Service, Travallis social housing landlord and Cardiff University have seen massive positive outcomes for their staff and the people they support.

Having knowledge that is simple and easy to use within a sensible timescale can be the difference between life and death. 84 men each week take their own lives - if they are having to wait large amounts of time due to waiting times and referrals is it any wonder people are left with the only choice they can see as being right.

London Ambulance Service stated that each 999 call out that results in someone being taken to hospital costs £480.27. £7.81 on the call, £64.59 on reviewing of the phone call, £153.30 on the ambulance coming and then £254.57 on admission.

When I met with Welsh Ambulance Service this week to discuss Rotundus and our aims and mentioned the cost per person for the foundation session Understanding Anxiety and The Unconscious Mind - the response that is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

So why do we make it difficult for people to access support quickly and easily that works? There is a potential within Rotundus to offer a service that helps individuals pretty much straight away or at the most within 7 days.

Yes - I would be biased and say this is better - but I have been through the NHS route and not overly felt some of it was useful or quick. I am working on my own support with the support of others that understand and have lived these experiences. This I believe is more powerful at supporting individuals than that from those that haven't personally experienced it.

I am not saying there isn't a need for specialist and professional support but maybe running multiple systems at the same time that interlink and support the individual. Drugs alone are not the answer - giving people skills and knowledge so they can help themselves now and in the future if those bumps in the road occur.

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