Being a WARRIOR is easier than people may think.

However you will have initially tough battle on your hands. This battle will be within yourself to first take ownership of your true story and not the one we think we have to portray to the world.

Once we take ownership of our story and who we are the next step in the battle is sharing this story. The WORRIER in you will tell you not to. This the battle you will have the WARRIOR vs. WORRIER.

You worrier will tell you of all sorts of reasons not to share - no one cares, no one is listening, they will think you're odd, hide away and carry on as you are plus many other negatives. The warrior will only need to one reason and it will win...the reason is you deserve to happy and to win. Not only do you deserve to win this battle the story you share will inspire other warriors to fight their worrier.

One of the things your worrier will tell you is that you are alone and no one else is going through this...the worrier is a liar! There are 100,000's of warriors out there on the same path, some are right next to you, some are in front and some are behind you...but due to the worriers negative cloud they are being blocked from your vision. As soon as you take ownership of your story the clouds lift and you see every other warrior around you.

Taking the first step and sharing your story with someone, anyone, in writing, out doesn't matter just start sharing will give you your first victory.

Since starting Rotundus many others have started to shared their stories by taking strength from others who have said 'I understand' or 'I go through that' - we are truly not alone on these paths. Once we know we are not alone we start to get help. #ImAWarrior is something I am proud to say and that I am fighting for others to share their story and take ownership.

If you would like to share your story in a guest blog just email it to with some pictures and we will share it.


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