BIPOLAR II - or as I like to call it the sequel.

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

WOW, WOW, WOW! What a night at Ignite Wales having an opportunity to talk about my mental health journey and Rotundus.

8 different speakers from 8 different backgrounds all talking about something they are passionate about for just 5 minutes with 20 slides changing automatically every 15 seconds.

The night was kicked off by Danielle Krage sharing how public speaking help her get over her perfectionism all whilst the PowerPoint was having a few gremlins all without missing a beat. I bet previously the brain gremlins for perfection would be in overdrive if it wasn't for Danielle's coping strategies.

Vish from Glitter Cymru I met beforehand and he was a tad nervous about speaking - he really did have nothing to worry about he was brilliant and so was his talk on BAME and LGBT, with the creation of a safe space to share and talk. Vish has also agreed to create a guest blog in the near future too sharing his own experiences of managing his mental health illness whilst dealing with being a minority within a minority.

Sarah (The Smiling Name-Dropper) Morgan now a children's nurse at University Hospital Wales shared how Paul Newman (yes the actor and salad dressing guy) is the fault she is now a nurse. Sarah worked at Paul Newman foundation supporting children with lifelong and terminal illnesses at a summer camp in the United States. Seeing what difference these children got inspired her retrain and to become a nurse.

Swian Reynolds a beaming light of personality showed the room exactly what a mindfulness and meditation has done to help her with her epilepsy and taken her forward in the setting up of her own company Cardiff Meditation.

Ian Norton made a very serious subject into one that was fun and lighthearted but made sure the message for men to check themselves (as long as not in public) down below. Ian volunteers for Prostrate Cymru and he decide to take their advice and get checked out. He has been diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer - but due to the early diagnosis things are positive. So do make sure you get down below checked out.

Grace Quantock and I grabbed a chat backstage quickly talking about our talks and we were both massively impressed with each others attitude towards breaking stigma and barriers down. I said to Grace I will never really know what another person is going through as I am not them, I only really know what I am going through but I can empathise. This is a great starting place for gaining understanding. Grace spoke about breaking the feeling of being trapped within 4 walls or a bed by breaking the boredom.

Connor Simmons - drunk signed up to Ignite following the debating of his favourite subject Harry Potter and why Voldermort should have won. Connor's talk was brilliant, funny and entertaining. Even so there was a take away I got from it, which may not have been the intention - sometimes decisions are hard, but often there are simple answers that will hurt in the short run, but ultimately will be beneficial.

Which leads to my 5 minutes...which simply (I hope) shared that it is ok to be unwell and here is your permission to share that now as there will never be a right time like now.

So you all have permission to share and now is the right 5-4-3-2-1 Talk to someone.

Again thank you to all at Ignite Wales, my fellow speakers and the kind supportive atmosphere the audience gave to night.

PS Why Bipolar II - or as I call it the sequel - because I wanted to get a laugh whilst standing on the Glee Stage :)

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