Depression as an Addiction

If you feel like you have or may suffer from Depression, or know someone who does, this article is for YOU! Having experienced this myself, worked through it and confronted some of the reasons why here is my piece.

I would like to begin by stating that there is a difference between full-blown Clinical Depression and experiencing Depressive traits and tendencies.

Depression has often been referred to as an addiction and can come about for a number of reasons, one of the reasons may be purely biological in the form of a chemical imbalance in the brain, another factor may be the food you eat. Lack of exercise is a big one, exercise stimulates the release of essential chemicals into our bodies which are not only feel good hormones but also essential in emotional balance and regulation. By not exercising regularly we are starving our bodies and emotions of this essential function.

Another reason that Depression comes about is due to a lack of Xpression, and often this is that there is a Depression and lack of the ability to fully Xpress Yourself in whatever way that shows up, whether it is lack of being able to Xpress your truth or creativity or whichever way you would like to fully Xpress Yourself and contribute, that energy is therefore Depressed.

Depression has also been known to come about when you have released something energetically and there is a space or depression where that something used to be.

Depression can become addictive in the sense that it is a stall tactic of the ego, its a great excuse for not doing and being what you really want, this would show up in the "its not my fault I just can't do it I'm depressed", " I just can't get out of bed I'm not inspired" mantra's that are at times all too familiar.

Processes to begin combating the experience of Depression are:

1 - Eat more live foods and put effort into a better diet. Drink a lot of water and get a programme in place for more exercise even if you don't feel like it.

2- Get clear on what it is you want to be, do and contribute, no half measures, create a real vision and plan for that even if you don't feel inspired.

3- Get involved, engaged and connected with other people, virtually and in person. Isolation is @#$%&, sometimes depression is a manifestation of isolation. Being in community and in relationships is important for this one.

A barrier (otherwise known as a Shadow) that many people experience in fulfilling these is fear. My invitation is for you to look at these 3 factors above and observe yourself, should a feeling of fear come up around this and ask yourself the question, what am I afraid is going to happen, possible answers may be " I am going to get rejected" " I am going to fail" "I am not worth it".

Each of these or whatever comes up for you will have an emotional charge or feeling attached to it, the one that is the strongest is a great place to start. and begin a personal excavation that will change your life.

My experience with this, alcohol, addiction and so much more motivates my work as an Emotional Management Coach, whatever it is, don't feel like you need to do it alone. Reach out and connect. #ManMojo

Bradley Tyack

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