Today Mid Powys Mind launched their campaign #IPledge2Talk to reduce the growing number of male suicides.

Mind Cymru, Eluned Morgan AM and Neville Southall all joined together at Senedd with local and national organisations came to launch the campaign.

Eluned Morgan AM, Minister for International Relations and the Welsh Language opened the event and highlighted the growing awareness of mental ill-health and the fact there is a lot more to be done in Wales to prevent male suicide. The biggest step to making a difference was the need to challenge the stigma, the sense of guilt and the thought process that men have to resolve any difficulties themselves.

One of the biggest elements of the event came from Neville Southall who spoke about the NHS needing to working closer with charities and the third sector in meeting the growing demands upon services and the reality that one size does not fit all. Shining a light on the darkness for those who are struggling around Wales and not just in the daytime but 24 hours a day.

Mental ill-health and suicidal thoughts are often strongest when all the distractions of the day are gone. So many of us have a brain that is linked to the light switch - the moment it turns off at night the brain turns on.

Tracy Lewis of Mid Powys Mind shared difficulty that rural and especially the farming community is having with a growing mental health problem - one farmer each week takes their own life. The pressure of long working days, isolated work and communities, increased worries during lambing - equating to husbandry and financial worries.

Each week on average 84 men commit suicide - this is the biggest killer of under 50's. The pledge is a two part pledge.

If I am struggling I will...

  • tell someone that I need help

  • reach out to my friends for support

  • let someone know if I feel I may be suicidal

  • I will contact and use helplines from CALM, CALL or Samaritans

If you are struggling I will...

  • reach out to you to tell I'm concerned

  • listen to you without judgement

  • ask directly if I think you may be suicidal

  • get you help and support if you are thinking about suicide

CALM - open 5pm - Midnight - 0800 58 58 58

CALL - open 24/7 - 0800 132 737

Samaritans - open 24/7 - 116 123

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