Lift off!

This little project has been one of self help and help for others - Rotundus is one of the many latin words associated to round and getting young men around, talking, supporting and understanding is one of the main aim of #TablersHelpingTablers.

The initial steps of this project have come about following a big episode of poor mental health and gaining an informal diagnosis from my GP for Bipolar II. Tablers maybe ordinary guys doing extraordinary things but we also have a tendency to high our own personal difficulties including mental health.

I truly hope that this site and our aim to be a resource and eventually a provider of funding for those seeking help and access to Round Table to help manage positive mental health.

Each day, each week, each month something new happens and we all need that little boost - hopefully this will be another resource for young men.

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Rotundus is no longer a CIC and is now solely run by Breakthrough Coaching 816 7885