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This blog is from a guest blogger Rob Franks former England Cricketer who I heard on Thursday 17th May 2018 on the Jeremy Vine Show (Listen Again go to 1hr 37m). He first appear October 2017 where he told the show how he fractured his leg in 2014 which never healed, taking 29 pain medications a day, changing his personality with the pain causing massive frustration to him and his family. Rob wanted to have his leg amputated but the NHS couldn't help - so he started a crowdfunding page called 'Get Rob Legless' to raise £15k. After appearing on Radio 2 he smashed the total within 10 minutes.

As I heard the interview this week I had to pull over and contact Rob to see if he would write a guest blog.

The Decision That Changed My Life

When the pain in my leg from the many operations and "scaffolding" which was keeping my leg together hurt, it really, really hurt.

The pain was chronic and the only way to describe it was like having a knife in my leg and some one slowly pulling it out and quickly stabbing my leg again. The pain was awful and no matter what medication I was on there was no stopping it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no sleep, no let up.

I said to my wife that I've had enough I need to some how stop the pain and to me there was only one way.

I manage to get an appointment with my surgeon and I put the idea of an above the knee amputation to him, he instantly says No and says that I must manage my condition on pain relief, I explain that no matter what medication I'm on it just doesn't work. Again he refuses my pleas, I'm in tears, I tell him I can't continue like this, he gives me a leaflet I simply ask  how I'm supposed to stop the pain with a bloody leaflet. I say to him that if he won't give me my wish I will get it done privately, all he can muster is, "it won't happen", I thought to myself we shall see about this!. I leave it for a while to have a think what we can do.

I said to my wife that we should crowdfund for the money, i set up a page and myself and my wife write my story.

Things progress but not as quickly as I would have liked that was until I went on to the Jeremy vine show on radio 2 and as the old saying goes "the rest is history".

I'm now 8 weeks post amputation, I have a new prosthetic leg and have many new doors being opened to me.

No matter what your situation or what bad things maybe happening, keep a positive mind as a positive mind will help you through any situation. I'm living proof of that. I've taken the worst time in my life and I've turned it in to a massive positive. Positive mind, positive life.

Rob Franks - Get Rob Legless

Continued funding

Rob is still fundraising for help with his recuperation and ongoing physio as he wants to be able to coach cricket especially with his son. Get Rob Legless - Crowdfunding Page

Why I stopped and made contact.

Hearing the interview it made me think about what Rob went through was not only physically painful but must have been mentally tough too. I had to reach out and say his positivity and his hard decisions are inspirational and powerful for others to hear.

I am pleased that Rob agreed to help and support other young men and to show that no matter the pain whether it be physical or mental sometimes what might seem the hardest decisions could be the simplest ones.

On chatting with Rob this evening Rob said even though the pain was excruciating he kept positive with the support from his wife and family. There is a clear sense of humour running through out and this can be seen on his Facebook page photos of one packed shoe for the operation, lego figures and knitted doll. Rob has also called his stump Victor as he is one foot in the grave.

Again thank you so much Rob for your blog and support.

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