Mental Health Awareness Week

supporting young men's mental health for 90 years

14 to 20 May 2018 is Mental Health Awareness week and what a week to launch this new website supporting young men, Tablers and ex-Tablers with own positive mental health.

Being part of something that gives it's members a chance to relax, unwind, try new things, develop new skills all whilst support their own communities and each other is an amazing boost to positive mental health.

There are 1000's of men across Great Britain and Ireland get together each week and just do that and on average 1 in 4 of them will experience poor mental health this year. Poor mental health and mental health illness is link to suicide, which is the biggest killer of young men aged 20 - 49 in the UK.

As these guys get together week on week with friendships being formed and built. These friendships grow and grow forming a bond that extends creating a supportive network. Sadly though like in many different men across the word some still bottle up what is going on inside - this page and other support is breaking down the barrier. Tablers are talking and becoming an advocate for young men to talk too.

This week and beyond, remember it's ok to talk.

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