Thank you Kevin and his supporters

Men's mental well-being is very high on the public agenda, yet still there can be massive stigma, stereotypes and challenges surrounding mental ill-health.

Friend and supporter of Rotundus, Kevin Jordan has put his running shoes on to run the Newport Marathon in aid of our work. Running 26.2 miles is no easy task, weeks of preparation and dedication leading up to the big day alone is a massive hard task.

Sally is Kevin's nickname in Round Table

Kevin through his dedication secured two amazing sponsors to help him and our cause. Firstly Robert Phelps of Bethany Residential Home who has sponsored Kevin's training and race day running gear, allowing for great publicity of Rotundus and our Men Up peer support groups.

We have a goal to create 12 Men Up groups across South Wales by April 2020 - the reason we picked 12 groups as a goal as it represents the number of men that commit suicide every day. This goal has taken one step closer thanks to Kevin's second big sponsor Chepstow Round Table - their donation and that from Robert has meant we can now start work on opening up a new group in the area.

The main aim of the Men Up is give men a space that is non-judgement and full of support from other men that fully understand the difficulties and experiences of mental ill-health. The sessions are really comfortable with no forced agenda of sharing personal information.

As the groups grow they will create their own directions and support through natural group evolution and this is totally up to the individuals and the groups.

To enable these groups to succeed we are currently looking for a suitable venue for the men of Chepstow and the surrounding areas to meet - if you know of a suitable venue or could help with a space please do email us If you would like to sponsor Kevin and help setup more Men Up groups across South Wales simply click here to donate. Thank you so much Kevin, Bethany Residential Home, Chepstow Round Table and all Kevin's sponsors - without your support these groups couldn't exist or develop. #MentalWellbeing #MentalHealth #MenUp #MenSupportingMen #Suicide

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