The power of just talking

Yesterday I took a few opportunities to talk to people very openly about my own personal journey with my mental health with men who were all of a similar generation of not talking or sharing.

Once the conversation started an both men said that 'men don't talk about this kind of stuff' they soon quiet quickly and easily talking about 'this kind of stuff'. Was it because I was so open to talking about my journey, was it because they have been waiting for years to let it out, was it because permission was granted to talk, was it because they are now in a safe space?

Who knows, who cares? The point is they did open up and shared what they have gone through allowing some sort of cathartic release or acceptance that they had some dark times. What I can guarantee is that they came away from it thinking I am not alone.

The strength of talking doesn't always bring answers to our difficulties but it does bring strength from know we are not alone. Many men and women think we are the only ones going through this and we internally self beat up. Soon as the reality of knowing we are not alone we can start to work on getting better.

If your leg was hang off - you would tell someone and seek help...your brain is the same...

The more I talk the easier it becomes to explain it - the easier it becomes to explain the easier it is for others to talk about their journeys and experiences. The power of talking helps everyone.

Plan for today tell someone new about my journey - every day tell someone about your journey...maybe in doing so you save a life (and it maybe your own).

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