Time To Talk 2019

Every week 84 men and 28 women take their own life. Look around and count 12 men and 4 women...that is how many today have taken their life.

Are you an employer or team leader? Do you really want your staff to fail due to their mental ill-health?

No? I didn't think so, so what are you really doing to help your team?

Mental ill-health still has a stigma attached to it and even if you are a progressive employer or company I bet there is something more you could be doing. Again look around your team, your family and your friends...which one is wearing the mask? Hiding their true feeling away out of fear, or not knowing who to turn to, and most importantly not knowing it is ok to be not ok.

Since starting Rotundus I have happily shared my personal journey to anyone who has wanted to listen and when I get an opportunity to talk at events.

The "corporate" world is full of individuals who are struggling with their health, but yet pretend everything is OK...why? Because they are the boss? They don't want to lose their job? They feel that this isn't 'normal' and they are the only one? Everyone knows what it is like to experience mental ill-health, it is as normal as experience physical ill-health. I bet you are quick enough to tell people when you are not physically well.

So what can you do?

I would personally say the biggest mind shift for me with my mental ill-health was actually saying I was this is not the easiest of things to do for some, but once you do a whole load of weight is lifted, the world becomes clearer and brighter.

As I say, it is not easy to do at first, but with time and doing it more and more it really does become easier. I like the saying 'You never know who your story will inspire...' you make your journey is less significant to someone else...that is a load of crap...your experience is your experience and it very much is significant. Mental ill-health is not a race or competition to see who can be the most ill - it is your journey and your experiences.

Once you have started sharing your journey the next element is finding support and help. Over my years I have come across a wide range of beliefs, experiences, treatments, strategies and methods of managing mental ill-health. The beauty of this is what works for you, works for you...however to find what does work for you, sometimes you have to try lots of different things first.

I personally found talking about my health and using knowledge of how the brain and especially the unconscious brain works with NLP and simple and easy to use strategies I have released 30 years of baggage that I was carrying around. Do I still get thoughts...of course I do...but they don't last long because I implement my strategies and they soon disappear.

Time to Talk

It is coming up on 7th February and this years theme is about having the ingredients to talk...cup of tea, some biscuits, space, some time and most importantly a willing ear. You do not need to have answers or advice, just the ear to listen to someone who wants to talk.

More importantly on this it isn't just on 7th needs to be every day.

Resources and support

Rotundus is able to provide training for organisations that enhance the learnings from previous mental health training including the Mental Health First Aid, providing real powerful and easy to use strategies and skills.

Also our associated company DB Breakthrough NLP can provide 1-on-1 coach and therapy including Time Line Therapy that can help resolve stress, anxiety and depression fast allowing individuals to more forward with clear and positive goals without the baggage of the past.

NLP is one the most powerful treatments using techniques that can be content free making them an extremely comfortable process.

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