Who Me?

Hello World, who am I and Why am I here?

My name is Graham Wallace,

A Scotsman living in Yorkshire,

RoundTable No7 Chairman

IT Enterprise Architect

Loving Husband & Father

Keyboard Philosopher

ME/CFS Warrior

Proud to be Mentally Unstable (but in a good way)


Founder of Kore Thinking (A Yorkshire based mental health non-profit with full Charity CIO status pending)

So now you know who I am onto the why I am here bit, the awesome Dave Beadle has very kindly invited me to share some of my mental ramblings with you as I have been occasionally sharing them with him,

I am someone who has had (has? does they ever really go way) physical and mental issues myself and I'd like to begin by saying your not alone, you never were and never will be, even though that’s hard to accept or see at times (Can you move those trees out the way please? I can't see the wood).

When you get right down to it "Us Men" are not very good at talking to each other face to face, that is why organisations such as Rotundus are so important, they give us a platform to share our thoughts, our words and our feelings (Yes I used the "F" word us men don't normally like that word...) through the medium of the typed font in the blogs & articles or "Shoulder to Shoulder" at events and gatherings.

I like who I am now and the journey I'm on has been a fairly eventful and long one so I am not going to be doing any "My Story" style articles that work so well for others, instead I shall be writing a number of Blogs/Articles using my experiences, lessons and mistakes and I shall be completely open and honest about them and happy to answer any questions.

Graham Wallace

Kore Thinker...

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