You can only control your ARM's

I can control more than my arms...look, see I can move other parts of my body...

That isn't exactly what I meant...these ARM's are not the upper limbs of your body these ARM's are more powerful and determine how we see ourself and the world in which we live in.

So have you guessed yet what they it Abilities, Responsibilities and Movements, is it Ambitions, Recall and Memories, is it Affirmations, Rapport and is none of these...

It is our ACTIONS, REACTIONS and MINDSET - each of these are truly in our power to control. These include what we do each day from the clothes we wear, the food we eat and the people we decide to engage plus how we decide to react and respond to those around us in the world and what we believe in.

Sometimes it can feel like we have no control of these actions, reactions and if you do these actions, reactions and mindsets you can also not do them. This is about choice and choosing a deliberate action, reaction or mindset over your default one.

We have programmed our unique personal operating system to run on default mode through the development of our values, beliefs, memories, decisions, energy levels, and our meta is extremely easy to run this system on default.

The tough bit, but most satisfying part is upgrading the operating system with new deliberate thinking which puts you firmly in control of your ACTIONS, REACTIONS and MINDSET.

You can create a system that delivers for you on daily basis...changing that programme can be as easy as deleting an app from your phone and installing a new one...the key to is the you want the new one more than you don't want the old one. You may think they are the same thing, they are not...what you focus upon is what you get. Therefore if you focus upon not having something you are still focusing on it, so focus upon what you want and have that image or thought in your mind instead.

What is your motivator?

Are you running from something or towards something...going towards something allows full focus upon that outcome. This for the majority is more motivating and keeps you going where as running from something you can easily slip back towards it.

What ACTIONS, REACTIONS and MINDSETS do you want? Focus upon them and do are in control of your ARM's.

My personal journey in doing this has been absolutely brilliant for me and those around me - one of the biggest buzzes I get from setting Rotundus and DB Breakthrough NLP is seeing others making their own personal changes through workshops and 1:1 Therapeutic NLP Coaching. If you would like to discuss how Rotundus can support you or your team simply give me a call and we can discuss the steps for making it happen. Take the next step and make that call.

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