Young and lonely

With all the social media, technology and the world becoming smaller due to easier travel it should be pretty easy to connect with others.

Research by the ONS of 10,000 adults found that 20% always or often felt lonely and with 10% of 16 - 24 years were always lonely and the highest proportion of any age range.

Men were also more likely than women not to report that they were lonely. Belief is that younger people are less resilient than others due to growing pressures and growing stresses of social acceptance, housing, finances, employment and many others.

The sense of community is seemingly less and less, with people becoming isolated or unable to take part in the wider community. The situations are just general feeding into each other and making each side of the issue worse.

Being part of something, anything brings as a sense of belonging, purpose, esteem, security, trust and a lot more. Humans are social creatures and most are looking to connect with someone or something...even Tom Hanks in Cast Away wanted to connect and he had Wilson.

The Round Table Family is part of a worldwide set of clubs for men and women who regularly come together as groups to do just this connect with others. They do this through a variety activities, developing skills and supporting others within their own communities.

Of recent a number of the guys within Round Table have started talking together about their own personal stories about mental health, anxieties, depressions and how it has made them feel lonely. Truth is we aren't as there are so many people out there in a similar boat - but by coming together has massively helped all of us.

If you are lonely I know that there is a group really close to you who will welcome you, make you an instant friend, show you kindness and support you. Guys you can find your nearest Round Table at and ladies can find their nearest group at


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